cannot get animation exported

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sure- I'm missing something important, but cannot figure out what!

No matter if I export an 2008, 2009, 2010 or 2012 FBX or even a Collada File.

When I import any of these files, I get the figure/object, the textures and also the bones.
The figure is skinned and weighted correctly, but there is no animation!

No animation is exported from DAZ 4.5 and the figure pose is the actual pose from DAZ
I have a range from f.e. 100 frames (starting from 0 - 100) and I also
ticked the "animation" and "morph" inside the fbx-export-window as well in the
import dialog.

What ever options I try - no animation!

What I'm doing wrong?

Any help?
thanks very much!


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    If it's an AniMate animation, you first have to bake it to the Studio Timeline.
    Otherwise it could be a bug. Which version of DS are you using?

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