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Do these file formats work in Poser?...

and if they dont...any way to convert them?...

thanks for viewing.


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    No, they don't - those formats are for different 3D programs. They can be converted, but I'm afraid I don't know how. Wish I could be more help. :(

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    for 3ds poseray is good

    Max however I thought was a closed format which means only StudioMax can open and convert but I will defer to others that know for sure.

    Bryce can open some 3ds objects, I say some as it is hit and miss whether they will open in Bryce or not.

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    The free PropViewer can open 3ds files and save them out as obj files.

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    Poser will import 3DS format but the results with the material zones have been less than satisfactory for me.
    Running it through PoseRay to convert to OBJ is probably best bet.

    However, most models I have seen exported out of MAX do not have their Xform reset and will take on appearance of exploded model.

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