DAZ currently offline error?

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Hello all,

Apologies in advance for any typographical errors but I am typing this on my phone. I saw the BOGO sale and was eager to join in but I can't get to DAZ on my PC suddenly. I can login fine on my phone, but on my PC I get this error:

This page (http://www.daz3d.com/) is currently offline. However, because the site uses CloudFlare's Always Online technology you can continue to surf a snapshot of the site... Etc etc.

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Thanks for your help!


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    I know it's no help, but you're not the only one! It's been that way since yesterday for me. I can view the site fine on my phone and tablet but not on any pc.

    In another thread, Cho said to change your IP if you have a dynamic one (unplug your modem and replug it and you should get a new IP). I run static P so that wouldn't help me. LOL

    You can try this site: http://turbohide.com/ .. it's an online proxy server and that's how I can get into both the forum and store.

    I hope some of that helps! Good luck!

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    Well Turbohide certainly works! That tends to make me think someone (either DAZ's host or my ISP) has a screw-up in their pipeline somewhere. I'm a little nervous about making a purchase through a proxy though. We'll see. Thanks for the tip, Sassy!

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    You're very welcome!

    I think the same thing. My ISP said they can't do anything, so let's hope DAZ fixes it!

    I made the purchase on my tablet and just downloaded it through the proxy. :)

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    I also got this site off line all day yesterday, and most of today. It was hit and miss while I was browsing the BOGO2. I'd lose it for an hour or so, and then suddenly it would work again.

    Many of the promos are x'd. Often when they do appear, they will not open in that horrendous little window. I ended up scraping some purchases because I couldn't see the promo.

    Needless to say, I also wasn't able to connect with my netbook, phone, and tablet. No surprise there, since they are on my wireless network.

    I finally pm'd Ann from her forum to find out if DAZ was really down. She was one of the lucky ones.

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    I have been online for nearly 3 hours and although this message keeps appearing as soon as i refresh all is well again.

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    I didn't have any trouble connecting to the store until about 45 minutes ago. I'm almost done with my order, and now I can't finish. I can see what's in my cart with no trouble, but I can't do any more shopping. Hopefully they'll have this fixed by the time I wake up.

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