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Is there a bug in DS4 and DS4.5, or do i need a special graphics card? i cant get depth of field to work at all. It still works fine in DS3, but in DS4 upwards no matter how i toggle the button and play with the sliders for the camera, my images are flat, with no blurring in either foreground or background.

this is pretty annoying, as it means all my work will look boring and unprofessional. I like the extra features of DS4.5, and have recently bought lots of products that only work in 4.5, so i dont really want to have to dump it and go back to using DS3


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    thanks Rawart - that seems to work now. Any idea why i cant set it in the Camera and Lights window? seems odd to have a new window with lots of bells and whistles that doesnt actually do anything. maybe this is a forthcoming feature for the next upgrade.

    btw - it's probably going to take me the whole holiday to upload all the RawArt products i have onto my new computer - keep up the good work.

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    Adjusting the camera controls via the Parameters Tab works just fine.

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