Help with making a corset stay rigid please

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How do you get a corset to stay rigid and not mould itself to shape of the breasts when using the Transfer Utility?

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    Rigidity maps control how auto-morphs are generated, but in this case I'd think you'd want to make a custom morph instead of using the auto-morph at all.

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    Not sure what you mean by a custom morph rather than auto morph. Can you explain please, as I have very basic knowledge on how to create morphs.

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    Instead of letting DS create a morph, make you own in your modeller, import it with Morph Loader pro and give it the same name (not label - you can get the name from the Genesis morph's parameter settings dialogue box) as the Genesis morph, and in case there's already an autogenerated morph under Make Unique choose deltas only, or deltas and ERC.

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    Hi wilmap,,,
    Did you made corset shape with genesis zero shape first ? then rigged by transfer utility?

    (now RIchard reply ,, so you may not need to read my horrible einglish^^;)

    on this case, you have two way.

    1.set rigidity map for the area which you want to protect.

    if you set rigidity map about the poligons where you want to keep shape after rigging the corset,
    it can protect the shape from auto generated morph .

    eg when you change genesis shape to V5, the V5 morph shape auto generated to your clothing which fit to genesis.
    so the clothing can fit to V5 shape too. but it just transfer delta of vertices which near the genesis vertices,
    so corset shape may change to cover genesis breast.

    if you set rigidity map, it can protect the defroming of generated morph.

    but it can only work with auto generated morph. it can not work with your original morph for clothing,
    and it can not work with weight map defomation ( so if you bend some bone, the rigidity mapped area change
    by weight map assigend the bone too )

    2 made original morph which fit to the character shape , and overwrite generated character morph.

    on this case, rigidity map can not work about your original morph.
    your clothing just change to the shape which you saved as original morph.
    however, about other character shape which may auto generated to the corset,
    the rigidity map will work.


    you can make original V5 shape morph for your clothing, which perfectly fit to V5 shape as you want.
    import it to ds by morph loader, and save the morph as same name as auto generated morph FBMvictoria5,

    after that,
    if you change genesis shape to V5, the clothing which "fit to" genesis, auto change shape to your original morph shape.

    because it overwrite the V5 morph which auto generated to your colset..

    rigidity map work well, but when the rigidity mapped area are wide, it is difficult to plan perfectly as you hope.
    so I think Richard said you better to make custom morph.

    if you have made the corset shape for the character shape first. and use transfer utility,
    you can keep the shape as character.obj, then re use it to overwrite generated morph.
    it can remove the auto defomation problem about the character morph.
    (first you may need to adjust the shape for genesis, after use transfer utility with reverse option.
    after that you can import the character.obj on to the corset (edited ) by morph loader pro,
    , then overwrite the generated morph)

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    Thank you both for your help, but I am now totally lost and confused.

    As I said earlier I have only just learnt the very basics of making morphs so this is all over my head!

    I will see if I can find anything to help me with morphs and thensee if I can follow your instructions.

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    Haven't tried it yet myself but am thinking ye plain ol' props might be the way to go.

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    I can not tell how to use modeling tool and make shape ^^;
    but ,,I can tell only way how to overwrite generated morph etc,,

    this is link for daz doucments , to make morph and overwrite genearted morph for clothings.

    modefying generated morph


    I want to show , step by step too ,but my english is dangerous to understand detail ^^;

    1 Make corset.obj which fit to genesis zero shape (you have done)

    2 use transfer utility, now you get corset figure, which rigged and triax weight mapped. ( you have done)

    3 save this corset as figure and prop. colset.duf for safety (you have done?)

    4. deciide which character , You want to make morph of corset.
    I may choose most simple case,, basic female, shape for genesis.
    they never change scale, so it is easy , for first try.

    5 load corset figure, which you saved , and " fit to" genesis figure. (now genesis wear the colset as you know,,)

    6 change genesis shape to the basic female 100 % by basic female morph (FBMbasicflemale) in parameter tab.

    7 the corset must change shape by auto generated morph.

    8 export and save the current corset shape with 100% scale,
    (as colset_fem.obj ) and export and save the genesis with Basic female shape ,(as gen_fem.obj)

    9 import these two obj, in your modelor.

    10 when make morph, you can not change vertex order, and you can not change poligon counts,
    keep these rule, you can modify the corset_fem.obj free.

    you know,, you need not tweaking gen_female.obj,, it use for template so you better lock the gen_female.obj

    11 you made, "morph target" of colset which fit to basic female shape.

    12 You need not gen_female.obj , so delete it in your modelor.

    13 export (save) the new corset shape for basic female as "mtcolset_fem.obj" (or what you hope, name it free ^^;)
    you need to keep obj scale in daz stuido, eg to hexagon , import 10% scale,
    you need to export the obj with 1000% scale.

    14 return to Daz Stuido.

    first check the moprh name which generated to corset.
    You remember use basic female morph for genesis.

    then basic female cotroller for genesis is located Actor>Female>real world in parameter tab.

    the generated morph to corset sould be located as same as genesis.
    but usually you can not check them. becaues generated morph is hidden property.

    select the colset in scene tab, then check parameter tab.set parameter tab option "Show hidden properties."

    now you can check Actor>Female>real world, in parameter tab
    (it is improtant,, the morph is not genesis morph, it is generated morph to corset
    so you need to select corset,, not genesis)

    and may find gley collor labeled generated morph "FBMbasicFemale" .
    it is label name, not real name of the generated morph.

    click little gear icon on the controller, and select "parameter setting"
    then copy the Name value " FBMBasicFemale" in clip bord (or text)
    (in this case, the Name and label are same, but usually You need to check real morph Name,
    not label name)

    15 Now,, import your morph targets, by morph loader pro. then overwrite the auto-generated morph.

    confirm,, you select your corset , in scene tab, then Top menu>Edit>Object>Morph loader pro

    16 .1 "Choose morph files" , then select the "mtcolset_fem.obj"

    .2 now you need to change the morph name, right mouse button click on the area
    then paste the name "FBMBasicFemale"

    change Property group, "Actor>Female>real world" ( same location as you find the generated morph, in parameter tab)

    .3 confrim reverse defomation "no"

    . 4 change Over write existing property "delta only"

    . 5, check again 1 to 4 steps, then click Accept

    17 if you keep vertex order, and keep same poligon counts, it should be success (and keep same scale is so important ^^;

    18 you can check how your overwrite morph work. select genesis, then slide basic female morph, and reverse to turn 100%
    your overwrite "FBMBasicFemale" morph work to your colset.

    19 change genesis zero shape, and save the corset as figure or prop from top menu.
    (you may need only save the colset figure or prop again, it save your new morph which overwrite generated morph too )

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