Trouble with Victoria 4.2

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Okay, so a few issues...

I purchased the Marie Elite and Wet Body that were on sale, but cant really get either to work, at least not how I thought they would.

First off, I located all the Marie stuff. The textures seem to work fine, but when I try to load her body or face, it gives me this error message...

I searched for that file but there are no results. I downloaded everything, but there was no body listed...just textures. Am I missing something? Did they forget to give me the body morph?

As for the Wet Body..


I found it under the LIE section, but I read that its supposed to be listed on the right hand side under My Content/Materials, but it never shows up. My main issue is that whenever I try to apply the wet skin, it gives the model a shiny based, but there are absolutely no water droplets anywhere. I tried several different ones and get the same results. No beads...just the shiny base.

Im probably doing something wrong with both, but after much tinkering, I cant figure it out.

Any help is appreciated.


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