Object shifts position when parented

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I've modelled an object/prop that when imoprted into DAZ Studio 4 is perfectly aligned for the character which I have made by combining Genesis' morphs together, however once I parent the object to Genesis it shifts it's position and I have to realign it. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

any help would be appreciated

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    Is Parent in place on? It's in the scene pane option menu, if you are dragging and dropping to parent, or a check box at the bottom of the Change Parent dialogue. Also, is there any scaling on Genesis? Scaling is passed on to parented items, though morphs aren't, so that could account for movement if it was accompanied by a size change.

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    What I'm doing is right clicking on the object in the scene tab then choosing "change parent" and then with "parent in place" ticked choosing which bone to parent the object to. The amount the object shifts varies depending on what I parent it to if I choose the chest it moves only slightly while if I choose the right pectorial the object is thrown right out of place.

    Not sure about the scaling question some of the morphs I've used might scale the figure.

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