Gonna get the strap.

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So I'm making a retro steampunk leather helmet and it occurred to me that the dangley chin strap is going to become a problem when it comes time to fit it to the genesis figure.

So I did a little test and sure enough things got all messed up whenever the character moves.

What would be the best way to fix this? Set the weightmaps for the straps all to the head? Or is there something I should do in the transfer utility to fix it?

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,303
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    Yes, set the head weights on the straps to 1 - or give the straps their own bones, attached to the ehad, so they can be posed on their own if you have the patience.

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    Oh that's an idea. Didn't think about rigging it. That would make the most sense.

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