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  • dtammdtamm Posts: 126
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    I managed to move significantly futher in my save/load code.

    Now I have a question, can I control order of finalize calls for sibling nodes? Or maybe there is some guaranteed order of calls to apply instance, finalize instance?

    All the apply instance calls are done in a batch and then all the finalize instance calls are done.

    Do you need something after that?
    You could delay whatever you need to do until your stuff actually gets used(such as being drawn).

    Or you could setup a timer that fires every second until dzScene->isLoading() returns false.

    Or you could watch sceneLoaded on dzScene. Make sure you check dzScene->isLoading() as files get loaded during a load.

  • Vasily LevinVasily Levin Posts: 0
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    I meant order inside apply and finalize call,

    say on apply stage it could be that parent apply is called before child apply and for children it is called in same order as in scene.
    Is something like that fixed, or not?

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