rerflection coming in blurry for plane geometric shape

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When I use a plane I get low resolution blurry reflections for chrome or glass. When I use a higher polygon count item, the reflections come in clear. I'm not sure why I can't get clear reflections on the plane? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Is the effect you're describing in the final render, or is it in the assembly room?

  • chad_3a014920cdchad_3a014920cd Posts: 0
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    The reflection comes in blurry in the render room.

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    Hi Hunterdon1 :)

    In Carrara, you actually need to set an option to Enable "Blurry reflections" in the reflection shader,
    the default setting is Not blurry. (which is also faster)

    Can you post an image of what you're seeing, and also an image of your shader tree, with the reflection settings.

    See example :

    699 x 483 - 83K
    640 x 480 - 10K
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