Content Creator Toolkit, FBX Plugin, Texture Atlas, Auto Fit Tool- Are these all already in 4.5 Pro?

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I'm trying to round up this information and it's a bit scattered. What is confusing is that DAZ still has some downloads that aren't needed for the 4.5Pro, and newbies don't know what they need to do. When "free" jumps out at you, you get it, then wonder if its needed. For example-

1. the CCT (Content Creator Toolkit) AND the upgrade are now in Pro? (I couldnt find my question from another thread, but want it all put into one anyway)

2. FBX Plug In For Daz Studio (what does this sucker do?)

3. Texture Atlas For Daz Studio

4. Daz Studio Auto Fit Tool (is this for all versions, just Genesis, or what?)

Do I need to upload this or are they already there? (and where in the Studio can I go to see the plug ins so you dont have to list them all. Thanks in advance, I'm doing my downloads and dont want files I dont need.


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    Those are all included with DS Pro, in the main installer. help>About installed plugins will list them all (including any that are present on disc but not working, for version or registration reasons for instance).

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    Thanks! :)

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    I had a question but I figured it out.

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    texjones said:
    I had a question but I figured it out.

    All over the place...

    Look under the Tools section at the top...most of the pieces are there. Some of the pieces are in the 'add pane' dialog.

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