Ack! "Downloadable Products"

BC RiceBC Rice Posts: 590
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Not sure if anyone else had to do this. I went into my Downloadable Products area and it had been completely emptied.

So I went in and manually reset every single product.

Might be a going-into-the-new-year kind of thing that DAZ does?


  • KhoryKhory Posts: 3,846
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    Had you not had time to download any of them yet? Mine from before the 11th went as well as my rests, some of which had been there since October, and fell out the other day. Downloads are much easier to deal with if it is only recent purchases and not 14 pages like I had.

  • estheresther Posts: 559
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    there's a really useful utility called download manager by Taosoft who makes the daz history manager.
    both utilities are essential for a little daz happiness.
    Love esther

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