Site Unworkable on Dial-up

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In the last week something has changed that makes it nearly impossible to view the site on dial-up. It can take as much as 2 minutes for a page to come up. Hitting the back button seems to reload the previous page instead of using caching, and the reloading is almost as slow a loading a new page. With high speed internet being very expensive in my area and the local library open only two days a week I am going to have to walk away while I still have some sanity left. Good going DAZ, you lost another customer.


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    Hopefully it is a "site issue" and not the norm.

    Broadband is still not available, or too costly, for some members.

    The site itself is not horribly graphic intensive as other sites throwing up shockwave and flash to wow customers but we do get to see 50 shades of grey.

    And not the book either. (lol)

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