DS 4.5 can't see installed morph files

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I did a search on this forum, but my issue does not seem to be represented here.

My problem is by no means restricted to just the files mentioned below, but these are the most basic and important so far and they serve to represent the problem as a whole.

I had DS 4 on for a while, but I had huge problems getting most of what I installed to show up in the icon areas. I got V5 and M5 behaving correctly right off, but not much else, except for "Stephanie 4 for Genesis". This week I uninstalled DS 4.0 and put on DS 4.5, hoping the problem would disappear. It didn't. I actually lost ground. When I installed DS 4.5, I could still see the icons for M5 and V5, but Stephanie 4 for Genesis was now missing from the array of content on the left. I pressed on and installed V4 and M4 for Genesis, but they did not show up either. I did a search of My Library and I found that V5, M5, S4, M4 and V4 (all special morphs for Genesis) were sitting side by side in the same folder (Daz3D\Studio\My Library\data\Daz3D\Genesis\Base\Morphs\Daz3D\) As far as I know, that is just where they ought to be.

How can DS 4.5 see V5 and M5, but not M4, V4, and S4? Is it wrong to use the automatic installer that come with these applications for putting in content? Is there any way to make DS 4.5 see everything that its folders contain? I have to solve this; there is no use installing more content if the program can only display a fraction of it. Before deciding to post, I looked at available tutorials, but while lots of people seem to have installations problems, there was nothing specific to what I'm dealing with. Incidentally, I don't think I have a bad installation, since DS 4.0 and DS 4.5 have behaved about the same for me.


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    I believe the V4 and M4 shapes for Genesis are just shapping morphs. There is no icon in smart content or the content library to load them, like the V5 and M5 characters have.

    Select a Genesis figure. Go to the shaping panel. Under actor you should she the Victoria 4 and Michael 4 shapes listed. You will also see the Victoria 5 and Michael 5 shapes. If you slide the shape dialog up to 1, you will get that shape.

    You should be able to create an icon to load the Genesis figure with that shape already applied, but I am too new at this to know how to do that.

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    What Operating System, and what's the full path to My Library?

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    Hi,, Uman1912 seems you install right location.
    because if the" Daz3D\Studio\My Library" (it seems not your full path,,,
    I afraid if you install content under program folda?)

    is your ds content folda,,
    ..My Library\data\Daz3D\Genesis\Base\Morphs\Daz3D
    is right rocation which install genesis moprhs form daz 3D

    then you may not find icon in smart content tab, and content library.
    about V4 shape for genesis, M4 shape for genesis.

    it is because, mark said,, these files do not have character preset file.
    preset files just save the morph value ,and you can apply the shape to the base genesis figure iby one click .
    but , you can make the shape by parameter or shaping tab.

    (if the product has not been updated, I hear they can not shown
    in shaping tab,,,before,, but they have been updated,, so if you get the newest version of these product,
    these files must be shown in shaping tab too)

    so first check please,

    1 load genesis .
    2 select genesis then go to parameter tab( if you can not find the tab, you may need open the tab top menu>window>tab> parameter)
    3you may see the area which for serch files. so input the area "victoria"
    then click "all."

    4what parameter can you see in parameter tab? if you can find victoria 4, victoria 4 head,?
    these two parameters are the controller of you can see in your data file.

    (there are some hide parameter which may controll genesis shape, but do not worry about that,,)

    in my pic, there seems victoria(2), but it is simply because, I made same name files before ^^;
    so do not mind about that,,

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