I need help with several DS4 issues please

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Are there any ways to change any of these things? If so, please tell me how to do it. I would be much thankful.
1) The default viewport angle is not a help for me, I would prefer if I could change it back so that the default is zero for all values.
and cameras now load in with the same angle by default, the new default is
X Translate 145.00
Y Translate 190.00
Z Translate 370.00
X Rotate -14.00
Y Rotate 22.00
Z Rotate -0.0000
I would prefer the values default at zero
2) Has anyone found a way to remove the new list in the library, the one that has the “Formats” “Products” “Categories” and such, I am not using the metadata so this new list only slows me down when I need to switch between the Studio and Poser Library’s. I want to remove that whole column of folders please.
3) I really want to have the “Docked View Controls” and the "Camera Cube" working simultaneously like we once could in DS3? Is this a bug or is it intentional? Is their a way I could change it back?


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    I'm afraid that the answer to all is "you can't do that2 - but there is a workaround for 1), save a camera preset set up the way you want it (this works only for cameras, not for the Perspective view) and make it into a custom action (by right-clicking on it in the Content Library) to add it to your Scripts menu (you can use Edit>Customise, Window>Customise in DS4, to move it to another menu or add it to a taskbar).

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    You can also make a new scene that has a camera in your preferred location and set it as both the startup and load on new scene choices in Edit > Preferences. Be aware that there is *currently* a bug that causes DUF scenes to not function properly in this methodology (.daz scenes work fine) but that is fixed in v4.5.0.59.

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    Should I report these things as bugs or did DAZ do these things on purpose?

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    Which? The loss of cameras has been reported and is marked as fixed (but in a later version of DS, I think). The lack of cube with docked controls has certainly been complained about, se if you can find one of the existing bugs to get an idea of its status. The default camera was a deliberate decision, yes, as was the addition of the extra "containers" in the Content Library (I think it was felt to be preferable to having to switch between folder and category view).

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