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My contribution to the WHOniverse. Using my original morph of the Doctor along with every resource I have at my disposal I recreated as accurately as possible the Doctor in his Christmas Special get up. In the promo images he has on a type of ascot but in the video stills that have been released he has a traditional 11 Doctor bow tie that matches the ensemble. So I went for the bow tie...let's face it, bow ties ARE cool. Supersuit fur shaders really hit a home run with the Business Suit Jacket lapels. And the Just Posh textures went a long way toward making this one work. Couldn't find a pocket watch with chain so this is actually a miniaturized version of a wall prop from one of DM's dungeon sets. It just worked so I shaded it in gold and miniaturized it then parented it to the waistcoat. Set is Victorian Street, one of the many Christmas sets on sale this season at Daz. The pants were also a custom Displacement texture and color over the Just Posh shader. Turned out fab (if I do say so myself).

Rendered 100% in DS4.5>Photoshop CS5.5 for the titles and styles.


The only thing I don't like about the image is the hat. I killed myself to make the hat at least have the right look in terms of colors and texture but finding a beat up top hat as a CG prop was NOT easy. I tried everybody, Daz, Renderosity, RDNA, even Poser Addicts (shit you not) nobody had one that wasn't a mad hatter hat that was the wrong shape and had no morphs for altering the shape. Either way I am very satisfied with the overall look but that hat is killing me.


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