Just downloaded the Daz Studio 4.0 Pro, wondering if this is still free.

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I've been learning some 3d stuff over the past couple of weeks and I stumbled across this site, found out about a huge giveway of everything that's needed to create 3d stuff a while ago, and I saw on the main page that I could download it still.

I'd like to know if what I downloaded is the real version of the program and if I should re-install it, because at the moment I cannot "login" at the top by clicking Connect. It's grayed out. Also every link given in the program for tutorials and stuff leads me to a dead page.

I went to http://www.daz3d.com/, clicked the green button, and clicked download free for Daz Studio. Installed DAZStudio_4.0.3.47_Win32.exe and used the serial code provided in the text file, named DAZStudio4Pro_SerialCode_README.txt

I cancelled the installation of the bundled program that's used to help Studio communicate with the other programs because I didn't bother downloading them and felt it was unnecessary.

Is this software still available for free or was I mislead?


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    HI mrf10925
    Welcome :)

    Yes, it's still free. and you have the Full "pro" version.
    Although, it sounds like you haven't fully installed it, It installs a "Daz Content Management" program, which is a database controller for all your "Content" it' NOT way for Daz Studio to communicate with the other program in the current free software bundle.

    It's a way for Daz studio, to help you find and load content that works with the figure, or item you have selected in the scene.

    There are Plugin's (included in the Pro version of Studio),. which will "Bridge" between both Bryce and Hexagon from Daz studio.
    these are installed with the Pro version and don't require another installer.

    The issues you're having with "Connecting" to the Help and tutorials, from within Daz Studio, are more to do with the recent rebuilding of the Daz3D Web site, and forums,.. and many of the page links and documents are not there yet.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Some documentation, tutorials etc can be found here http://docs.daz3d.com/doku.php :)

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    Going to reinstall it, hopefully that'll make it work as I imagine it should.

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