Need help with Genesis conversion

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Since I have retired I now have the time to get into D4.5, my problem is I'm having trouble converting the female figure that loads on opening to a male figure. Even if I load the baby I can;t seem to get rid of the breasts. Tried all the morph settings and they will reduce but just won;t flatten. Am I missing a step some where.



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    Go to the parameters pane, find the tiny context menu button and from that choose "zero" ... "zero figure shape."

    The figure that should load on opening is default genesis - androgynous flat-chested version. So I think you may have saved a morphed genesis over the default one. After zeroing the figure shape, you can re-save your genesis if you're feeling adventurous; otherwise reinstall your genesis starter content and it should take care of the probelm for the next time it loads.

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    Thanks Life is good


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    If it loads as a female you have something wrong in your installation. The default character is a neutral one with no bust. Did you install any extra content, particularly freebies? I've heard of this happening with certain freebies.

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