Unable to download GenesisStarterEssentials 1.6

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When I attempt to download GenesisStarterEssentials 1.6 for PC, at anywhere from 35-150 MB downloaded, it gives a Network Error and stops downloading. Is there any alternative downloads to get it than the links that comes with the DAZ 3D order?


  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 27,933
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    THe only way to get any DAZ 3D products is through the DAZ 3D store.

    Before attempting any more downloads, make sure that you close your browser, and clear the cache. Any corrupted download left in the Browser cache will cause subsequent download attempts to fail as well, as your browser will use the cached info.

    THen reboot your Browser and try again, from the Downloads in your Account dashboard, / Your Downloadable Products.

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    Closed Chrome, made sure to clear the cashe and delete any partial downloads, still failed.
    Sucked it up and used Internet Explorer and it downloaded without a single issue. That's right, IE did something better, a sign that the end times are near!

    Anyway, problem solved now, thanks for the help.

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