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I uploaded a number of freebies to help support my Horse and Ostrich related race items.

They include:

- Horse2 Compatibility and extra sideboards for the Ostrich Sulky
- 9 additional jockey silks for the Jockey set
- Seabiscuit jockey silks and blinkers (pictured below)
- 9 Blinker materials and Saddlecloths for Numbers 10-14 for Racehorse tack
- Steward's Tower prop with a working door. (pictured below)
- Skydome prop with 3 sky materials (pictured below using the "Big City" material)

While the Skydome and Steward's tower were designed to go with the Racetrack set, they could be obviously used with other imagery.

Happy Holidays!

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    Thanks for all of this, Ken. A LOT to play with in these products and I can almost smell the horses.

  • McGyverMcGyver Posts: 2,381
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    Thank you for these, especially for the skydome... I was just looking for one!

  • Songbird ReMixSongbird ReMix Posts: 284
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    For those who downloaded the DS version of skydome over the last few days-- I corrected a few material setting issues it was having and upload it the corrections this morning-- it should be better... there were no changes to the Poser version

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    oh!! very cool :coolsmile:

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