Michael 5 in Poser 8

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Will Michael 5 work in Poser 8 (PC) or is this program too old?

Also, with M4 we needed Morph++ etc to do much of anything. I'm still new at this, but am working on doing as much as I can on my own instead of buying clothes and hair. Still I would like to have the ability to change the figure. The basic M5 appears to have more than the base M4 pkg did. Was wondering what the thoughts were here from someone who's seen it.



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    No.. TO use the DSON importer you need at least Poser 9, preferably Poser 2012.

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    M5 isn't a figure like M4, it a morph for Genesis, so you need at least Poser 9 with SR3.1 and the DSON import plugin for Poser to get Genesis to load.

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