Genesis Fitted Clothing, exporting to Poser

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Hello everybody,
I am currently trying to solve this problem.
I searched the forums (and also searched with google) to no avail, please can You help me?

I have created a custom Genesis figure in DAZStudio (latest 4.5) and Fitted V4 Clothing to its shape.

I exported the Genesis Figure to .cr2 and loaded it in Poser (Pro 2012):
it loads as it should, it also retains all the morph dials so that I change its shape back to genesis or to any morph that was available in DS.

The problem is the clothing: I cannot find any way in DAZStudio to export it with the morphed shape.
It always loads in Poser, conforms well to the Genesis .cr2 (I mean same rigging), but it loses the genesis-fitting morphs it had in DAZStudio.
All the morphs are zeroed and when I dial in a morph nothing happens:
I tried with the "Transfer Utility" in DAZStudio (From Genesis to the Clothing) and also saved the clothing with and without the .pmd enabled.
Nothing: the morphs stay there just as a nice list of dials that do nothing

I know the Autofit plugin works in DAZStudio only (of course), but why the clothing cannot be frozen in the "Autofitted" shape upon export?

I tried looking on DAZwebsite for supporting doc on Transfer Utility, but it does not provide a step-by-step support

Thanks for help

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    I found a working solution, my mistake was that I had to consider DSON importer too

    1- Save the dress in DS as "wearable clothing"
    2- in DS create DSON support files for such "wearable clothing"
    3- Load the Genesis figure in Poser and dial the morphs
    4- Load the "wearable clothing" in Poser (DSON will import it), and conform it to the Genesis figure
    5- With either the Gensis figure or the clothing, use the DSON script "Transfer Active Morphs"
    6- Once you dial the morphs in the clothing they will now work

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    Hello MSC_72. Can you write more details in every step? Which menu used in DAZ Studio for export and what files a created? Thx.

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