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Whenever I put multiple figures and materials into a scene I get a message saying that not all the elements will load due to lack of memory. So, I have decided to be brave and invest in a new computer system. (I haven't bought one in many years). So I was wondering if some one could help me figure out the best specifications to get to support the DAZ3D 4.5 pro software I have installed. I have been looking at the Dell 8500 XPS. The specifications are:

1. Processor- 3rd Generation Intel CoreTm i7-3770 Processor (up to 3.90 GHZ)
2. Operating system- Windows 8,64-bit English
3. Memory2 8GB3 Dual channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHZ, can handle up to 32GB of memory
4. Hard Drive- 2TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive 6.0 Gb/s
5. Video Card- Amd RadeonTM HD 7570 1GB GDDR5 for win 8

I have tried contacting the help desk but have not received a reply. Any Ideas or suggestions would be very much appreciated!! Happy Holidays!!!!!


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    That setup would certainly do your job. I have a Dell myself with an i7, 16 GB. I would be a bit worried about Win8 since it has not been tried and tested yet. Dell changed the Graphics card for me, so they might still give you Win7 with it if that is what you want.

    Some people give them a bad reputaion, but I have never had any problems with my Dells, and this is the second one I have had.

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    One thing to remember when upgrading to a new PC. Windows 8 does not support batch files. Many of the older figures and other content require a batch file to run once they are installed. I am not a fan of Windows 8.

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    Thank you Jimmy, your reply makes me feel better about the decision I just made. Seems like a lot of people feel the same way about windows 8. I went with the i7 processor and 8gb with windows 7. Then I am going to upgrade the memory on my own. It was cheaper that way. The system I bought comes with a Amd Radeon HD 7570 1gb GDDR5 video card. Do you think that is sufficient or will I need to upgrade that as well. Thanks for helping out!!!:-)

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    Thanx for the reply Jaderail, as usual everyone here is very helpful and friendly.:lol:

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    Your configuration will work fine. You should not need to upgrade the video card.

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    I recently bought a Dell XPS 8500 , i7-3770 processor, 16 gb of RAM, GT 640 graphics card, 64-bit Win7 professional, It seems to be a good solid system so far.

    I have been doing some scenes with 10-15 characters and a big set. With that many characters you need the 16 gb of RAM.

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