Symmetrical morphs from Sculptris?

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So after several hours of banging my head on my computer, trying to figure out why my symmetrical Sculptris morphs were destroying the Genesis model, I decided to turn off symmetry for my next morph in Sculptris. Lo and behold, that asymmetrical OBJ morphed beautifully in DS. So I googled and found this archived thread: where GigaBeat posted a tutorial on making DS morphs using Sculptris. Unfortunately his tutorial image links are broken... but it was mentioned in that thread that you CAN use symmetry in Sculptris as long as Detail is set to 0 and you don't add any faces to the mesh. That's what I've been doing, and I'm absolutely sure that the number of faces stays the same. But my symmetrical Sculptris morphs are still a mess. Is there a solution to this? Or is GigaBeat still around to ask directly? Thanks!

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    I've saved this tutorial, but must dig it in my hard disk. I remember that the solution is that you don't must create new polygin makeing a setting, but i d0n't remeber where. I must find it.


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    I feel interesting about sculpting ( I may use it for some creature,)

    then, you can see images and his tutorials.

    if you want to see the image in old folum
    change the adress of your Browser.

    if link is "postimages/origimage_4_3218914.jpg"

    apply it ""


    I hope so.
    I feel , he did not say we can use "symmetrical" in Sculptris to make morphs for daz figure clearly.

    he said, "symmetrical doe not change polygon counts,"
    but in his tutorial, we can not find how to use "symmetrical" in Sculptris for morph.

    I challenged it, and I think that though it does not change poly counts, if we use symmentrical option,
    it may change vertex order. did not it?

    if someguy challenged it , and he could do it,
    I want to hear how to use symmentrical in sculpture for making morph.

    I checked again. I think (not confirm but) we can not make morph with symmentrical .
    it must change vertex order. though we can make genesis morph without symmentrical option.

    Uhh ,,, I hope every 3D tool(application) vender standardize scale and configuration for import export obj.
    adjustiong some options are too bother , :coolmad:

    yeah hexagon is great.

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    Thanks for that tip! I saved the images on my machine now too. It's a real bummer that the symmetry question wasn't addressed, though! The discussion in that thread was really making me hopeful that the issue could be fixed some way. Oh well...

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    I had another thought... so would using symmetry in ANY modelling program rearrange the vertices of the original Genesis model? For example, I have my eye on 3d-coat. Would using symmetry in that program also cause the Genesis model to explode into chaos?

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