Snowball Sale... clarification?

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Well I'm a bit confused. I figured (wrongly) that if i added more and more Daz O's to the cart they'd all get discounts. Silly me :P

If you, by chance, add MORE than 4 Daz O's you won't get the same discount. I checked t with several items in cart, and it only matches, mostly, when there's 4 items besides teh snowball item.

That said, when i added base prices, and took off 72% as a member, the price my calculations was off.... The price in the cart was $2.40 more than I calculated.

Makes me feel a tad stupid, because the first snowball sale I thought "what a great sale" (which it IS) and added about 15 Daz O's to my cart and checked out...

Well it would have made sense to wait and buy them day by day. Shucks.

Not sure about why there was a $2.4 discrepancy in their price and my calculation... its not that much but I am curious.
And they DO need to give more details on these sales. A lot of people are saying they're not getting the sale price and I bet at least half of them have added more than 4 items (and other things) in their cart that has messed up the sale prices.

PLEASE someone in Daz, post a clarification thread on these sales. :)


  • anikadanikad Posts: 1,916
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    The snowball calculations have been off since the weekend I believe. I thought it got corrected but obviously not.

  • DisparateDreamerDisparateDreamer Posts: 1,977
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    it seems that the snowball item must be first in the cart... not one Daz orginal, then snowball, then 2 more daz originals.... weird.

  • anikadanikad Posts: 1,916
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    Yep, something is off. It should work with snowball and 1 daz original.

  • ShaneWSmithShaneWSmith Posts: 633
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    Yeah, I've noticed that discrepancy the last few days. It definitely hasn't been fixed. I've had 4 DOs in my cart alongside my Snowball every day so far.

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