v4 and dynamic clothing in Daz 4.0?

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I finally got around to installing the copy of DAZ 4.0 that I downloaded several months ago. (someday I'm going to quit procrastinating.)

When I load v4 from my copy of DAZ 3 and added some dynamic clothing I downloaded from Opti-tech and fit the clothes to the character, then have her walk, her clothes hang in mid air as she walks right out of them.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


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    Dynamic clothing is not 'conforming', and should not be 'Fit To' the character. Once it is draped, that is the way it stays, until you drape it again, it does not move with the figure.

    If you ar doing an animation, you will need to do an animated drape I think.

    ReDave did a PDF on the DCC called Your First Drape and Beyond, I don;t know if it is still available or not, but there is documentaion that comes with the DCC as far as I know, have you seen it?

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    Actually to use dynamics in an animation you do have to fit to the clothing before you run the animated drapes. Fair warning you do want to do a first-drape before you run your animation. This will take a very long time for each frame.

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    Thriell said:
    (someday I'm going to quit procrastinating.)

    Yeah, someday... :lol:
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    Be sure you have the collisions set properly so that the clothes collide with the figure. If you have the dynamic add on (sold separately not the one that is part of studio) be sure that you have the correct version of it as well.

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    Largely through trial and error I've finally figured out that if one is using aniblocks they need to be backed to the timeline and the drape must be the LAST thing that happens before you render the animation.

    And, for what it's worth, I've never purchased the dynamic clothing plugin or Animate2; I'm just using what came with DAZ Studio 4 along with the figures and clothes from 3.0

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    Yeah! That was the trick. I had the same problem; couldn't figure it out, thanks for solving.

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