Mouse ears prop?

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Hello everyone!

So a simple request here; I've been on the lookout for mouse ears, for use on V4/M4/A4/H4 figures (I'm not too worried about what figure they're designed for, I can tweak them to fit about anything). Surprisingly enough, I can't seem to find anything.
Does anybody know of a decent pair of mouse ears that would work? Freebie is of course preferred, but if there's simply nothing out there, for-sale will also work. (in a worst-case scenario, I can also make due with actual mouse figures, so long as their ears have their own bones or have a separate texture channel; I can simply hide everything but the ears and parent it as though it was a prop.)
Realism or semi-realistic is preferred, I know there's at least one set of toon mouse ears out there, but it doesn't quite fit a regular V4/M4/A4/H4, style-wise.

Just to note, I am aware of the Creature Creator morphs, which happen to have a "mouse" morph for ears; unfortunately, it's not quite what I want, since it doesn't change the position of the ears at all, just the shape. I can make due, of course, but surely there's another option out there.
...I'm also quite sure there have been threads on this topic before, too - actually, I'm 100% sure - but since DAZ has reworked their forums, those threads appear to have vanished...

If anyone out there's got something, I thank you in advance!


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    Moved to the Commons as it's a request for, not an offer of, freebies.

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    Moved to the Commons as it's a request for, not an offer of, freebies.

    Thankies; I wasn't sure which forum would be the proper one to post in, I just assumed the Freebies forum would work for both offers and requests.
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    There's a thread in the freepozitory for requests, but other than that (and the render challenge) it's for offering freebies only.

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    Not the finished product but there's a 'how to' make 'em tut from the archives.

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    The Jim Burton Costume sets have mouse ears though none of the pictures show them. All of the sets are the same pieces for various characters.

    The ears are on a cowl and they look very much like a costume rather than "Real" ears.

    I have also placed scampixie ears on other figures. There are a couple of methods if you're interested. Matching textures can be a pain.

    Here is a quick and dirty of scampixie ears on A3

    800 x 800 - 260K
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