AM Canis Lupus in Daz4

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Throughout Daz 4 versions I've tried numerous of times to load the (Canis Lupus) wolf figure with fur in Daz 4 and each time it fails. It tries to load but each time Daz 4 stops completely at 99%. The wolf with no fur loads, but not the one with fur. I reset the AM Canis Lupus, downloaded it and reinstalled it twice. The last time was a few months ago.

Does anyone else have this problem?


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    I have the Canis Lupus installed in a Poser runtime and never tried to use it in DS4.
    I just tried now after linking the runtime to DS and I get the same hanging at 99% on the wolf cr2

    EDITED TO ADD: I was apparently too impatient in making decision. Il let it run a second time and it finally came in. The log file says it took 6 minutes to load. Not really a lightning fast happening

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    After hearing the length of time that it took to load with you, Medzin, I decided not to stop it trying to load after minute or two. I clicked new before trying it, and it took 7 to 8 eight minutes to load.

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    If this is a Poser-format .cr2 file then yes, they will sometimes take a long time to load into DAZ|Studio if the mesh is particularly complicated. The best thing to do is to load just the figure into a blank scene, then when it finally appears immediately save that into one of your D|S content folder locations. This saves the figure in a D|S-native form and it will (I promise!) load much faster. Loading the Poser figure every time means starting all over again converting the mesh from Poser to D|S from the very beginning every time.

    A few years ago, there was a very nice ship model in the store, that took so long to load the official advice from DAZ was to start the Poser figure loading, then go and make a coffee. By the time you'd finished (drinking it, not making it) the model should be loaded ready to be re-saved in D|S format.

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    If your using DS4.5 use the scene subset save option, that'll save it as it's own DSON DUF & DSF files, rather than saving as a scene and getting all of the crud that goes with it.

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    I have exactly the same problem as described in the first post of this thread. But after the error report, the wolf is added to my scene in a messed-up way, so that if i use any morph/pose on it, it is completely ruined.

    I'm still newbie to daz3d studio, so maybe I just did not get you right?

    I'd love to wait for ist toload correctly, in order to then save it as daz-format-file, but how can I, if it ends with the error?

    thx for reading,


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