Morphell A.K.A. Donkey Kong!

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I've been working on some reins for Horse 2. I have followed the instructions here in the Daz docs to do this. I have been using the Hex bridge. It works as expected for Arabian, Draft Horse, Thoroughbred, but the Donkey is kicking my .... uh... butt?

I send the reins to Hex, do my mods, send them back to Daz and enter the same info into Morph Loader Pro using the FBMDonkey name. But they come in too small. It is as if the Donkey's scale, which is set to 80%, is getting added to the morph leaving them back, lower and shorter.

Does anyone have any suggestions on getting around this? I suppose I could try scaling them up 125% in Hex before sending them back. I find it odd that Draft Horse works as it is scaled up. Seems like if scaling was getting messed up it would mess up on larger and smaller? Or, could there simply be a problem with the Donkey morph?


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    Reset the scale on the horse before sending the reins to Hexagon, so that you are morphing for only the actual morph.

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    Thanks Richard! Will give that a try now.

    When I bring it back in, I suppose I should leave the scale on the horse at 100%, then after creating the morph, go back to 80%?

    Is this the rule of thumb for all characters, for instance V5? And should I be doing this for the other breeds which are scaled up? Is scale like subD and should be zero'd out, which would be 100%?

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    OK, I think I get it. I load the horse, load my reins. I scrub the at least the breed I want to work with on the horse. This places that morph onto the reins. I think at this point it is best to set the horse back to 0 and then delete the horse. Then go to the actor breed morph still left on the reins and set it to 100%. Then do my export and repair and import. Save as asset blah blah blah... close DS. Open DS... Load the horse and choose my reins from in this case, accessories head. That worked for the Donkey!

    Doing it this way looks like it might avoid any autofit warps and in the case of some breeds, pulling in other morphs such as nose flatten.

    I think I'm getting it! Only one morph at a time...

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