are there good twin tail hair for genesis?

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Hi,, sorry,, I want to ask about hair,,

quesiton 1.

I know,, one is V5 pony tail,, I think,, then, about right side girl with twin tail ? medium long hair,,

and,,, I checked the optitex dynamic clothing topic in forum , already, but the topic obviously not about the hair of product picture,,
and I do not like send pm or ask vendor directly only for my serching,without buy his item.
actually I have never used and bought dynamic clothing yet. ^^;

so first,, I want to ask other user
if U know what hair is it,,tell me please,, ^^;

and,, is there other good twin tail hair,,
I know,, bun hair ,, or I hitomi rings hair (one is in my wishlist,, I wait sale price ^^;

quesiton 2

I am serching . eg like this pic @@; (I sometimes stick this character pic,,because,, I hope to make the character
looks like my like game character,, or clothing etc ,, like her,,,in future (may need one more year,,? I think,,,)
(I sometimes try,, but not good, ^^; I need to leran more,,,,)

if there is not so many choice for genesis,, tell me V4 hair,, I may use it for genesis,, with tweaking,, or parent,,
though,, it better not for V4, for genesis with many morph to adjust shape^^;

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    I don't know what the hair in the picture is, but I use Penny hair by Littlefox (at RDNA) a lot (V4 hair). It's on sale right now for 2 bucks:

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    In DS 4.5 converting hair preserves the morphs...

    This is the old StudioMaya Twintails...converted to Genesis...

    1280 x 1024 - 359K
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    Hi,, thank you all help ^^, I am sorry to reply late,,
    after that,,I am trying another thing,, so stop to thinking about serching item ^^;

    thank you much,, I found,,, you are one of vendor who made Aiko complete bundle items,
    my first items which I bought in daz shop,, are,,, AIko 3 bundle ^^

    so I love them,, and Ithanks your tutrorial in old forum about how to change appearance the clothing
    by easy step ^^ ,, I could learn how to apply and create new surface group ^^

    then,, I checked the hair,, I like it .

    >mjc I010
    I sometimes say wrong word and complain,,,, I was afraid if you are disugusted about me ^^;
    but I know,, you nice guy,,,

    suggesiton forum,,, I worried if you feel bad about my reply at the topic,, ,
    I understand what you said about daz programmer ,, so I never think
    say complain to you,, but complain DAZ ^^;
    (I can not wait any more,,, about daz official manuall. I waited full time already)
    then,, thank you much.
    I know,, In DS 4.5 converting hair preserves the morphs…^^;

    I do not know many about 3d,, ,, but I tried to understand many tools and how it work,,
    so I know (maybe) about basic thngs of daz studio @@;

    then,,, can I get,, old stuido twitail maya in daz shop? I will serch it,,
    I tried T-tail Nyoko hair,, to conform for genesis,,
    I think Nyoko hair is better not to transfer or use fit- to,, just parent it,, as for me,,

    >Kerya thank you much

    I checked your reply about twin tail hair in common forum,,,, but I had alrady make new topic ^^; so could not answer the topic,,
    I am now checking your recommend hairs,, they seems pretty. and have many morphs,, I think,,


    they all seems good hairs,, now I saved adress and the name of them for plan to get them,,

    I hope,, DAZ make new hair like these for genesis too,,

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