Bones need a tiny bit of advice

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Good morning!
I work mostly in technical animation so I don't deal with character animation.
Hence no bones. I have tried bones to bend a test lead wire and probe.
It works, but. Look at the photos. The red wire is one vertex object. The probe is a second. The wire
and probe are grouped. It works great except the wire and probe bend at slightly different angles,
which causes the wire to " Tear " through the probe.
Any ideas how I can prevent this behavior? Maybe move the probe hot point before grouping?
Check out the photo's below.
Thanks in advance!


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    The best and most consistent way is to combine the models into one vertex model and then bone that.
    Just start a new vertex model and copy and paste each part into that.

    If you want to work with what you have then try to get a bone start point at where the two models meet. More bones will help in general anyway and you can set up an IK chain to help with posing.

    Or parent the probe to the last bone instead, then it should follow the last part anyway and you can adjust it if it doesn't.

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    Thanks, went back and remade part as a single assembly in Vertex model room.
    That version is quite predictable.

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