Veteran War Dog for Genesis?

hedicarloshedicarlos Posts: 22
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Hello, I remember having read here in the forum on the launch of Veteran War Dog for Genesis. Anyone know when will be ?


  • Silas3DSilas3D Posts: 149
    edited December 1969

    Your best bet would to PM the author, Luthbel, as any forum product announcements may be difficult to find amongst all the issues! :o)

  • ArienArien Posts: 188
    edited December 1969

    all I can say is, PM Luthbel and wait. I know his Corsair is still in intro offer, or *just* out; which means nothing would get release in the next couple of weeks at least, as most clothing creators tend to have a product a month or even less often. I know he's mentioned it, he's also mentioned it to me so it's a very strong possibility, but I know he's working on something else right now.

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