Using Daz3D Models in MMO?

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I used to use Poser way back a couple versions ago and am now working on an MMORPG game that's in development.
I'm looking to establish two base models (male and female) that players will be able to morph and customize at creation.

We began with a custom model but I wasn't happy with it. Then we tried some pre-fabs but I didn't like those either.

My question is, what all would we need to have/do if I wanted to use a Daz3D model as a base model.

Do I just need Daz3D? Do I need some form of exporter? Are there game ready models anywhere?

Any and all advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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    The first thing you would need is a Game Developers Licence which costs areound $500 to use DAZ 3D models in a game. You are allowed to create renders or animations using DAZ 3D models, but you cannot use the mesh in games without a licence.

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    I'm fine with the licenses. I'm more interested in ease of creating additional assets for the models such as armor, clothing etc.

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    DAZ 3D modesl are polygon heavey, although there are LOD versions which would help. There is also a tool called Decimate which can be used to reduce the poly count, but it is a paid for item and does not come free along with the DS4 Pro free version.

    Making clotheing or armour would require a seperate modelling program, Hexagon is currently free. There are lots of clothing itmes and historical type armour in the store, but the poly count may need to be adjusted for games use. If the clothing belongs to DAZ 3D, then the licence would cover it, but if not, you would need to deal with the vendor themselves.

    DAZ Studio can export FBX and Collada (DAE) as well as OBJ of course, but you would need to try exporting and importing the models into your game to see what needs to be done.

    There is also a Gemae Developers Forum here which you could also have a look at.

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    For figure models you'd probably be better off using one of the low poly proxie meshes available in MakeHuman. The meshes are license free and there are two low poly meshes you can use, on is under 800 polys and the other is around 1700 polys. Genesis is a pretty high polygon model for games.

    I guess you could use the Lorenzo and Loretta figures in a game, they're under 4000 polys each I think,

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