Error loading Add LOD script

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Anyone else have this problem?

I have DS Pro (32 bit, Windows).

I load V4, everything's fine. But when I want to run the script, it won't load and cite this (from the log file)

WARNING: Script Error: Line 101
WARNING: SyntaxError: too few arguments in call to getOptions(); candidates are
WARNING: Stack Trace:
Error in script execution!

Manually adding LOD (via the command menu) works but I can't select V4 or body parts in the viewport (only through the scene tab).

So, is this a bug or not?


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    I try same thing,, I was serching how to use ,, about LOD in script, Utilities
    Add Level of Detail,, or LOD how work when I load victoria 4.2 by power loader pro,
    Load level of detail option,,,, .

    in daz document, there is no discription, and there are some old document about Daz stuido 3 only.
    they lost image . then serch You Tube

    find way manually import , from top menu, (need to change preset as poser type ,but,,,why need to manually change
    setting,,?? who can find it without guide?)

    but there seems no parameter,,, in mesh resolution section,,,
    I am so frastrate to serch it,, try samething and serch document,, again,,,

    DAZ need clear manual about his aprication ,
    the lack of manuall are DAZ SHAME! it is not tutoriall how to,, just manual about their tool.
    why need serch documents from Web ,, many times, just use one tool of ds?
    whe it is not discribeld in daz offcial doucments ?

    finally I find,,, it is not ROD level parameter,,
    it is Resolution Level,, but now I can not select V4 in view point.

    so if it is true ROD , it is no worth for me,, and I can not understand, why need it.
    and if it is bug,, yes,, just think someone have send bug report already .

    about bug, we can not find clear information in this forum.

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    Hmm, that's right, I filed a bug report.
    LOD is for loading a version of V4/M4 with fewer polygons. If you have Genesis the utility of a V4 17000 is low, of course, but before the Genesis days that was rather handy.

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    After posting this, I saw a similar post from October. Posing is generally quicker even with the 17K LOD, so a fix will be greatly appreciated.

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