Rigging clothing for Genesis (Learning)



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    I just had a go with wight mapping the snug pants...

    I think I solved it :-P Maybe it was wight mapping all a long... And I just needed to get a good night sleep before I did it LMAO

    I will play some more and See what happens. I may return to the designed one as well. But snug might be the reason I got the weight map to work in the first place.

    Now if I could work out how to duplicate one thigh and make it work symmetrical with the other, I might be getting somewhere :-P

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    Pendraia said:
    Pendraia said:
    File--Save As--Support Assets--Figure/Morphs Assets. Make sure you save it as yourscreenname/yourproduct and make a note of what you do choose, because that's where the data files are that you need to go and copy for the release version.

    Hi Sickle, quick question...I've been saving clothing as a wearable, what is the difference between doing that and saving as a morph asset?



    *Cough* It's Figure/Prop Assets. This is what my post has always said. Please ignore the edit timestamp that might suggest I made a stupid error and typed the wrong word.

    I would guess that Figure/Prop is a broader envelope encompassing base figures, smartprops, regular props, and clothing, whereas wearables is only for clothes, but I've never actually used the wearables one so I cannot confirm that. :-D

    Lol...what timestamp! ; )

    I don't currently have ds on my computer as I've recently had to replace the hard drive I wonder if it does more than change what is on the icon? I think it would also change where it shows under smart content though. It would be interesting to know!

    Thanks for the info...


    I think it might have a dependency on what purpose you intend for the use of your item. I'd say the method Sickle uses if for commercial distribution standards. If it is not intended for distribution, then perhaps its up to personal preference.

    I'll use the method Sickle told me, as I'm intending to distribute :)

    On a side note, I hope the hard drive replacement was a choice, not because your previous one crashed :-S You were making some really cool stuff, I'd hate to think you lost it. I really liked that tribal outfit you were making :)

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