Installing DS 4.5 beside DS 4 possible?

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Is there a chance to install DS 4.5 beside DS 4? Ever when i try it, the installer want to delete my DS 4-version.

I have a lot of older scenes and selfmade morphs that are refusing to work or load properly in DS 4.5, or, in the case of the morphs wich i created in Hexagon via the Hexagon-Bridge, that will be saved only in the old .DAZ-format and disappearing when saving them in the new .DUF-format.
I can load the figues with my selfmade morphs in DS 4.5, but when i safe them in a scene in the new .DUF-format, the morphs vanished... No idea, why. Unfortunately the old DAZ-format is not longer available in DS 4.5 for saving (even not in the depleted-format menu).

At the time i have still DS 3 Advanced and DS 4 Pro on my system and want to install DS 4.5 beside this two. DS 4 has access to DS 4-content (Genesis) and to my old DS 3-folders, but DS 3 only to DS 3-content. And DS 4.5 shall got access to the DS 3 and DS 4 folders but not vice versa too, to prevent conflicts.
But whatever i try, the DS 4.5-installer want to delete DS 4 completely. >:(

P.S. Pardon for my bad english.


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    Here is my work around to get teh two to coexcist.

    1. Using Winrar, Winzip or any other file compression of your choice, zip up the excisting install of DS4

    2. Move the new Zip file to a different location and uninstall DS4

    3. Install DS45

    4. Install DS45 Content to its own Content folder (optional)

    5. Decompress the DS4 zip file to a new folder and create a shortcut for it.

    You can now run one or the other.

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    Pardon for the late answer... I just tried it again as you suggested, and the installation seemed to work.. until Kaspersky Internet Security considered DAZ-Studio 4.5 as a virus (PDM: TrojanWin32.Generic) near the end of the installation-process and deleted all again, including the Installers :-(
    Now i have to "fight" my way to tell Kaspersky that it is not a virus...

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    ....that's the sound of my head hitting the desk...

    At this point, it looks like Kasperky is now as bad or worse than what it is supposedly protecting you's definitely falling under the classification of 'extortionware'...

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    Finally i made it:
    I zipped the "Uninstallers" from DAZ-Studio 4 Pro and deleted it, so the DS 4.5-installe can't "see" them.
    I disconnected the WWW and switched off Kaspersky Internet-Security
    I installed DAZ-Studio parallel to DS 3 Advanced and DS 4 (and Poser 9)
    I activated Kaspersky again and switched the WWW-connection on.
    And finally i registered DS 4.5 Pro with my Serial-Number.

    Okay, its a little bit messy in my runtimes now: 3 different Versions of DS and Poser 9 too, but the problem is, that some content with selfmade morphs didn't run in DS 4.5... and some content that worked in DS 3, but won't run in DS 4 is mysteriously running now in DS 4.5 again.
    Thanks again for the help! :)

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    In K under Settings > General Settings > there's a box to check "do not delete possibly infected objects"

    Then it will tell you about it, but won't stop it. [as far as I know]

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