Daz using cached textures?

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I recently altered some textures. My somewhat erratic workflow means I occasionally work on textures while working WITH the texture, and I noticed a curious issue with Daz apparently using a cached version of the texture instead of the newly saved ones, despite using the same file.

Indeed, removing the offending file gives me a missing texture and a render error stating it can't find a file located in Daz's own Temp directory. I tried exiting the program and setting up a new texture object, but it was still insisting on using the cached copy despite this. I had to save a NEW texture under a different name to get it to work. Is there a way to force Daz to 'refresh' textures?


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    Its ctrl i

    ...'refresh textures' in the flyout menu on the surfaces tab. :-)

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    here is a visual reference to what prixat said above

    536 x 1050 - 136K
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