Kinect Mo Cap for DAZ Studio v 4.5

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Any news on software to interface Kinect with DAZ Studio v 4.5? There was some free and some very costly software to do this with DAZ Studio

Reallusion iClone 4 (?) has a reasonably priced module to allow one to use Kinect for real time animation.

Also of interest is Faceshift Studio, which does amazing Facial Mocap. The Freelance version costs $800 /year, and there is a non commercial version for $150. Version for Win and Mac, with Linux in the works.
It would be great for DAZ 3D to work a deal with them, write some bridging software, and make a cheaper version available for Studio users, but they have not shown great interest, other than to offer the very expensive software a while back.

Check out some of these:

Add any Kinect relevant information please.

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    Thanks for posting. I am interested in this as well.

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    Okay, now that's just plain cool!!!!

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    If I could actually perform a high kick or a backflip in real life, I'd also be greatly interested in this. Unfortunately, despite being slender I was blessed with the agility of an overweight sloth so I would be unable to get the movements i require. It's an interesting use for the Kinect though. I would never have thought of it myself.

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    Theoretically, you could perform a jump, then after that part of the motion was captured, go in and rotate the entire BVH (motion file).

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    another plugin where daz better invest in.

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