Wanted: FACS poses or morphs for Genesis --Paul Eckman "Lie to Me", Digital Domain's Benjamin Button

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Greetings and welcome to my very first post after seven years of lurking.

I'm looking for poses or morphs which can be used with the FACS system:

This was invented by Paul Eckman, consultant on the TV show "Lie to Me".

It was used by Ed Ulbrich of Digital Domain to animate Brad Pitt in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".

A set of morphs for the old Victoria 2 or 3 were used in Drs Grammar and Oberzaucher's paper:

Grammer, K., Oberzaucher, E. (2006). The Reconstruction of Facial Expressions in Embodied Systems: New Approaches to an Old Problem. ZIF Mitteilungen 2/2006 14-31

http://www.unibielefeld.de/(cen de,en)/ZIF/Publikationen/Mitteilungen/Aufsaetze/2006-2-Grammer_Oberzaucher.pdf

I've contacted both DAZ tech support and Dr. Oberzaucher. They gave me really prompt replies (Thanks!) but so far no one has been able to come up with a set of FACS morphs for Genesis.

Authors have noted several times in the above links that the FACS system would be useful for people with Asperger's Syndrome to learn about the human face. My biggest reason for wanting a set of FACS morphs is that I now have many morph/pose sets, including several from DAZ and one amazing set from DieTrying, and what a mess! I need some organization and fine control.

I'll make my own set if I have to, but I have too many projects and deadlines to want to have to deal with yet one more.

Thanks so much for the software and the support.

Update: In other software packages, these are called Animation Units (AU). Found a reference to Gollum's animation using this system. I'm getting a feeling that it's a pretty common one, folks :: nudge :: :: nudge ::

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    Next Update:

    After poking around, I'm pretty sure I could make a qt interface with slider bars to graphically set the FACS morphs on the Genesis figure, and which variables to set in the slider bars (morph names), but I haven't found the correct syntax to hook up the .ui file to a .dsa to make a widget.

    Alas, enough time-wasting--back to work.

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