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I'm new to DS4 and having a lot of trouble finding out how to do things. You good guys have drawn my attention to various tutes but they either don't cover the topic in sufficient detail or relate to an earlier version. To overcome this I have been doing searches in this and other forums but many of the solutions refer to other programmes like Carrara, Bryce etc. There is evidently a considerable amount of compatibility between these various programmes including Poser
My question: Since they all appear in this forum under the DAZ flag Is there some kind of formal connection?

If I may be permitted to make a slightly critical observation, due to my frustration at not being able to access meaningful resources and learn how to use DS4 I am contemplating exporting my characters to Poser and abandoning DS4 for all except it's wonderful Genesis concept.

Nothing would please me more than to shown I've got it all wrong.


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    You would be better to ask your questions in the New Users Help Forum. We have people there who are used to talking new users through most problems they might come across.

    Moved your thread over there for you.

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    Oldblock, if you need some info that you haven´t found in a tutorial or elsewhere, simply ask in the forum. There are many experienced users here who jump at the opportunity to help newbies and even don´t mind to answer the same questions over and over.

    To answer another part of your question: DAZ Studio, Bryce, Hexagon and Carrara are all made by DAZ company, so that is the connection. Poser is another company´s software (Smith Micro).

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    To expand on that

    Daz Studio has a bridge that will send your posed figures and / or props to Bryce, so that they can be rendered in a Bryce environement, with Bryce advanced lighting etc.

    THere is also another bridge that works between Hexagon and DS.

    So togehter, Daz Studio, Bryce and Hexagon are marketed as a "Software Suite" because they work together and complement each other.

    Carrara is a stand alone program that can do a lot of the things that can be done in the other 3 named programs, but sometimes in a different way.

    Poser, as has been mentioned, is owned by another Company, but is somewhat similar to DS in what it does, but in no way identical.

    It is also possible to pose figures etc in Poser and then transfer them over to Bryce, but it is not quite so easy, as there is no bridge to connect the two programs.

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    So Chohole- how does Carrara compare to Bryce/Daz/Hexagon combination? You said it does it sometimes in a different way- an EASIER way or a harder way? Do you actually own Carrara?

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    No, I don't own Carrara, which is why I was less than effective at describing it. LOL.

    I am very muc a Bryce user, with Poser as a 2nd program, used mostly only to prep stuff before I use it in Bryce.

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    It really is good of you guys to devote so much of your time helping out. Such is the mark of belief in your app. However so far I have received varying advice and on occasions waited in vain for a reply which is why I yearn for some kind of manual.

    I am very aware that DS4 came free of charge, if I subsequently learned that I could purchase a comprehensive manual I wouldn't complain As things stand here I am, the possesor of some wondrous software rendered virtually useless through lack of instruction and, because of my geographical location, likely to endure a twelve hour (minimum) space between question and answer.

    Now just so you don't write me off as some trouble making upstart and I would like you to know I am eighty two years old started out with Maya 3 or 4 years ago, migrated to Poser and now DS4. I'm not going to let poor documentation stop me from getting my cute little Sadie Fae fairy from joining me in my movie of how I built a cubby house for my great grand daughter.
    There, I feel better now, I think I'll get another coffee.

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    Ah I remember playing with a Sadie Fae for my youngest grandaughter.

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