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In Daz studio 4 you can change a individual lights illumination to diffuse only or specular only, how do you do this in Carrara?
any help would be appreciated

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    There is no such thing a specular light and /or diffuse light in the real world

    these are properties of the object / material and its Highlight and Shininess strengths or maps.

    if you want objects glossy or dull in a specific areas you can create a grey-scale image and add it to the shininess

    hope it helps :)

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    You can't. Carrara's specularity is controlled in the shader of the object, not the light. This is a fundamental difference in Poser/DS and most of the rest of the 3D world...

    If you have PRO you can render out separate Multi-Pass layers for Diffuse and Specularity.

    HDRI / Image-based Lighting (IBL) creates non-directional light without specularity. (any of the Global Illumination options on their own generally do not create specularity, I believe)

    You can control specularity in each shader. It is a 2-channel control the first called HIGHLIGHT which controls the color and pattern and uses the UV map (if you have a specular map put it here).... The second channel is called SHININESS and it is a single value (best controlled with a VALUE 0-100 shader) that focuses the specularity according to the angle of the light. Lower numbers spread the specularity across the object, higher values focus the specularity to a narrow angle.... I have a video tutorial on my website called "Creating Skin Specularity" or similar... Link to my site is in my sig below...

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    Shaders Plus appears to have this feature.

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    Holly's video tute on specularity is highly recommended along with her other tutes! :)

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