How Does Evolution Morph Bundle and the "(Whatever) Shapes for Genesis" Work Together? What Do I N

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(Which has Genesis Head Morphs, Genesis Body Morphs)

This explains it:
"The new Genesis platform allows these morphs to work with all your Genesis shapes, meaning you won't need a separate morph pack for each figure. This one morph pack replaces all those different morph packs, giving you more versatility and more value for your money.
Use any combination of full body morphs, face and head morphs to bring your Genesis characters to life. This set of morphs works across Genesis male, female, kids and any combination of the above shapes and figures to create just the look you need for your renders."

Okay, I'm confused- AGAIN. Since I have the Genesis Evolution Morph Bundle, does that cover things like A3 and H3 Shapes For Genesis,
A4 and H4 For Genesis, etc? Or do I need to get the "Shapes for Genesis" stuff for the Evolution Morph Bundle to work on? ARRRRGH. At one time I understood this, then my mind went ZZPPPST. I have the Aikos (3 and 4) the Victorias and Michaels, etc-


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    Hi Novica...

    That description is a bit confusing...

    The Evolution morphs will work with or without the Shapes for Genesis... that is, you can use them on the base Genesis figure, the Basic Male, Female, Child, or on any of the Genesis Shapes, like A3, A4, V4, whatever you may have... or any combination of them...

    The Evolution morphs are just a collection of morphs to change the shape of parts of the body and/or head to create unique characters from the basic Genesis shapes or any other Genesis shape set....

    hope this helps... :)

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