Please...Steps to saving model .CR2?

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I have a M4 model/character that I don't wish to change, he is exactly as I wish him. But I want to upgrade him to Genesis. I have GenX - but no clue of how it's done.

I tried to save my character to CR2... however, another box opened to fill out and I hadn't a CLUE of how to fill that out or where to find and save what I needed.

If someone can help me... PLEASE??? The instructions would be ... "How to save Cr2 to convert with GenX - for DUMMIES!"

I accept it... I haven't a clue how...


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    I'm not sure which version of DS you use but you have Figure Setup tools there should be cr2 exporter in it.
    You just select your modified figure, and export it. Select cr2 in drop down menu, where files formats are, then navigate to the place where you want to save it.

    There was a plugin from DeltaX on old forums which allowed to do the same but I don't remember which DS version it was for.

    After that you can use that cr2 in your GenX plugin.

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    Did that... didn't work. I'm using Daz Studio 4 Pro - and when I chose cr2 in the drop down, another box opened to do something with. I don't know what to do in that box. Anyway... because of that, I just went ahead and saved and didn't do anything else...

    this character is NO WHERE to be found... so I didn't do it right. That other box needed information that I didn't know how to complete.

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    I thought Gen X worked as a plugin for DS? No need to export to CR2.

    However, if you do need to export a CR2: Poser version can be anything, really, for these purposes; Figure type would be Base figure (if you select Conforming figure it will be set to auto-conform on load); base path would be the content folder - the one holding the Runtime folder for the figure; CR2 path would be the folder you want to put the actual CR2 in.

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    Hmmm, okay... the character is morphed by ME - and I've saved it in another folder where all my custom morphed characters are. So do I point the path to that folder?

    Or to the folder that holds M4 and his morphs?

    I'm soooooooooooo confused by it all... but I really wanna move my main ones to Genesis, because I LOVE Genesis, how it bends and moves and poses. M4 is good, but Genesis is better.

    So... that's the dilemma - from the folder where he's stored? Or the folder where all the morphs originally are?

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