now,, daz shop close?

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today I tried to buy items by pay-pall,, but
after I assigne pay pal account,,and put into my pass word, then click confirm payments,
everytime ,stop to load page, and freeze like my pic,,

I check my accounts, order history,, but there seems no change,, and my cart still remain these items.

so how about other user? I am afraid if only payments recorded in my pay-pall acount.



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    Submit a support ticket.

    I wouldn't continue to try, for fear of getting duplicate charges for one item. It's the last thing you want to happen.

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    ^^;;,, I have already tried same steps three or four times ,,, OK,, I stop it now ^^;

    anyway,, thanks,, and I hope and play,,,,, not need to send so many tickets about this problem,,,

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    I had this problem the other day just gave up and saved my money

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    yes,, it seems good chance to save my money ^^; (for AIko5 pro bundle,, or AIko5 everything bundle etc,,)
    I am now watching my cart,, then thinking ^^;

    so ,,, I think,, scorpio64dragon you did not send help ticket,, but now you can buy items?

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    What's this now? O.O

    Are you assuming there's going to be an Aiko 5 or is there actual A5 news we're in the dark about?

    *Runs off to the Read Me's*

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    Seriously, please let me know what you find in the readme's I was wondering if anything surprising was leaked in those but I don't know which thread folks are sharing their discoveries in.

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    muuu,,, larsmidnatt sorry ^^; I say always,, I hope Aiko 5,,,,, so please do not think it with serious ^^;
    I am not so careful about what I write ^^;

    there is no actual meaning ^^; I do not know at all, daz plan new Aiko or not,
    or when they release it ^^;

    though,, I always,, hope genesis new character ,hair , morph, or poze etc,,(not only AIko,,)

    then,,, if daz release new Aiko5 next week,, now I can not buy any item,,@@;
    it is more improtant and heavy problem,, for me than Aiko 5 .
    it is not joke ^^; so serious.

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    Liked the part about Akio5. Sorry you're having problems. Hope it gets sorted quickly.

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    Meh, I figured. :down:

    But yeah, at this point I'm not really expecting anything regarding an Aiko 5 anymore. MallenLane already made it clear that Hiro 5 is Hitomi's male partner for this generation. Even DAZ_Kevin says that DAZ won't necessarily release every iconic character for every generation.

    Why this is, I have no clue, nor do I approve of it. You'd think that with Genesis' versatility DAZ would come up with every excuse to crank out as many characters and support as possible, but I guess not. So yeah, before I disgruntle myself over it again all over again, we are to pretty much take Hitomi as Gen 5's Aiko.

    Though, If you still want to save up for a Gan 5 3D Anime Girl bundle, here's my idea for a hypothetical one:

    Hitomi 5 Pro Bundle

    Hitomi 5 Starter Bundle
    - Hitomi Bundle
    - Capsces Poses Hitomi
    - Hitomi Hair Morphs and Textures
    - Robo Geisha for Hitomi
    - Hitomi Summer Mini Outfit
    - 40 Anime Expressions for Hitomi
    Asobi Bundle
    Hitomi Hair Alternatives
    Springtime for Hitomi's Day Out outfit
    Sugoi Hitomi
    Ehawee for Hitomi
    Fair and Beautiful for Hitomi Rings
    Klef Poses
    MoveS for Hitomi
    Pai Mei Character and Clothing for Hitomi

    Don't forget, every good Gen 5 bundle has at least one Pure Hair and discounts on related items to the character in question (in this case a DAZ Original discount will have to do):

    Pure Hair Wild
    Pure Hair Nightlife
    Pure Hair Retro
    Anime Nurse Uniform for Genesis
    Anime Nurse Textures
    Anime School Girl Uniform
    Anime School Girl Textures
    Anime Dress for Genesis
    Anime Dress for Genesis Textures

    I have way too much time on my hands. :)

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