New pupettier2 plug in and,, animate 3 and aniblocks ,,

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I hope,, daz release new pupettier with additonal record and save option about each dot or the pupettier layer.
and hope to choose node to record the value like pose preset.

eg if I choose "record rotation only" it can record only the rig rotations.
it is same about "pose controll value " or "expression pose controll value",
or about each rig, "head node " or " hip node"
or hope to choice which morph value save or not as layer.

so that, I can check and make pupettier layer with morphed or pozed genesis,
about each dot, then can save it and apply the recordedt value which I hope only
with other timeline of ds 4.5 or animate2,,

now,, ds 4.5 pupettier , I can not understand well how to record what I want only.(though I use them, try and erroer,
but it is not still clear, about each case,,and daz often change what save and record,, without clear infomation,
and clear documents,, so hope simple but clear way.)

why daz do not have official manual like go-figure animate 2 manual??

and hope to version up animate 2. which have many tool. it is useful,, for genesis too.
but they are made for the 4 th generation figure rigs .

eg improve of pose spline tool,, if I hope to use it about every bone of genesis,,
(now,, both hands, and both foots, hip, head only,,so need more visual 3d spline,,about each bone of genesis,,
,, though I can tweak each node spline, by timeline edit mode ,,^^;)


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    oh, I was hoping you had some information about new versions of the plug-ins about to be released. :))

    I agree. I would very much like to be able to select what is recorded in Puppeteer - which bones are recorded, and whether rotations, translations and/or morphs are recorded for the selected bones.

    And while I'm at it - in the timeline I would like to be able to move, copy and paste keyframes. Even if you can do that in AniMate2, I still think it should be easier.

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    hehe sorry,,, you hope ,,if there are new prodcut information ^^; no no,,

    then,,, yes ,,, I know,, the timeline of daz are so simple,animation tool,,,
    but not easy at all ^^;

    befroe I stack daz timeline,,
    but,,, it seems so difficult for me,,just adjust camera angle and keep it,,,

    to arrange or adjust each key frame,, I often make mistake,, but I can not clearly
    understand which key need to correct,, in daz timeline.
    if I change node or figure, or object, time line change, but the key just record every status,
    so I can not re arrange only the node,, of course there are no spline tool ^^;

    it is too difficult to use timeline and make simple genesis animation,,

    I know I have no talent about animation, and knowledge,, I am new comer,,
    so just hope simple and easy but with more manual about detail.

    but daz do not offer any good manual about ds timeline still
    maybe powerful user can make good animation by daz timeline only.

    but,,, how many times may need to make and record simple genesis animation in daz timeline? ^^;

    I believe daz studio is the best tool for act and play genesis figure,,
    but,, daz do not offer good tool for play genesis more,, I think.

    daz rely on ohter bendor plug in,, or think if we may exprot genesis for other 3d tool?
    if daz think so,, daz need to offer plug-ins which have perfect compatibility with other 3d tool,,unity Blender etc,,

    even about carrara,, now it has not perfect compatibility with genesis,, and clothing,, morphs etc,,
    (I did not try beta version,, but,, it seems not perfect,, i think, I do not hope to be tester of beta,,
    it is too hard for new user ^^; i hope just use and learn tools without problem,,,)

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