Layered Image Editor - how do the maps work for it?

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Hi I used to use daz 3 a couple of years back but then forgot about it. I decided to get back into learning it again as it seems fun I'm actually using Daz3 as it is the one I was used to and prefer to stick with it for the time being.

I have done a lot of the basics with daz and am trying to get to grips with the LIE. I have gotten some maps for it like the goredom one: and the wet maps one: I have looked at the tutorials and I am still in the dark as to how to actually put them up onto a V4 body texture. When I have the LIE screen up with the characters texture on it for example for their face, I do the insert layer / image/ browse for image but cannot find any of these textures from the ones I downloaded earlier (the ones linked above)

Can anyone who has used these before tell me exactly where and how to find them? thankyou.


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    The GoreDom ones are applied using DS shader presets, not the LIE. I my setup, these are found under Content > Shaders.

    I don't have the Wet Maps that you linked to, but they should probably have a ReadMe file along with them, or at least one that you can find online when installing them. That should tell you where the maps are installed to. What I usually do with something like that, is to install to a Temp folder on the Desktop, and then I can clearly see what it contains, and if it is just JPEG images, it can be installed anywhere I want to store it.

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    You don't need to use the LIE to apply those - just double-click the preset in the Content pane. You can then use the LIE to adjust position and so on, if you wish.

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