Alligator purse...Fivecat, this is for you!

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Yesterday, there was a bit of joking around, in another thread. Alisa Uh-Lisa mentioned something about being up to her ears in alligators. Being the smart-a$$ I am, I mentioned it was time for some new luggage. Well, fivecat mentioned wanting a new purse...

I threw this clutch style purse together and posted a quick render. For some reason (no, it had nothing to do with not deleting the non-scaled version of the obj before saving the final scaled one, nothing at all) the morph I tried to add took forever to add.

It's not smart propped. It loads to the floor, base position and should load with a basic material setup. It has one simple 'Open' morph. It's setup for use in DS 4.5. (Sorry, but I may do a cr2 version, later).

The texture is hand painted in GIMP (no real gators were harmed making this purse) with the aid of MentalFloss's Reptile Skin brush set...

And here's the download link

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    Hmmm, wonder if it'll work in DS 4.0, I haven't upgraded to 4.5 as yet. Oh, and I'd certainly like a cr2 version for Miss V4 if you create one, as I just know she's going to want this for herself. ;-)

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    The dsf may be readable in 4.0, but the duf definitely is not.

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    Thanks, I'll have to try that out. ;-)

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