GoZ for DAZ Studio 4.5.x 64-bit - exe - pc Windows 7 problem

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I just tried to install the pacakge I have in my downloads area and Windows 7 is seeing a trojan and red flags it. Is this a common error with anyone else?? Please advise any would be appreciated. Thanks


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,749
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    It isn't Windows flagging it, it's your anti-virus. Unfortunately those can be excessively cautious, but without knowing which you are using we can't help you reassure it (after scanning with an on-demand scanner such as Malware Bytes to get a second opinion, just to be on the safe side)

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    Here's a couple of 'pointers'...

    If you are logged into your account, downloading from your downloadable content page, the chances of it being 'positive' result are very slim. The login is to a secure server operated by the company you purchased the item from. If it were truly infected, then everyone would be getting alerts for the same file, not random people with random files. Couple that with the fact that at least one common AV product is using a 'reputation' based ranking system for determining file 'safety'. Also add in the fact that some AVs are very, very aggressive, these days.

    All of that, combined, means that the likelihood of an actual infected file is low (not non-existent, but you'd probably have a better chance getting struck by lightning).

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