Need Help With dson importer for poser...please!

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Hi everybody,
Here is my system: Poser 2012
Newer Model Mac Pro

I have downloaded and installed DSON Importer for poser and the starter essentials. I can now use Genesis in poser, HORAY! So I bought "Old Man Rex" for Genesis and installed him. the morph dial for rex shows up when I Ioad Genesis and I can use it flawlessly. The issue is I cant use or see ANY of the textures or the beard that came with him.
The texture files and beard was installed here: FOR THE BEARD---Daz Studio Content/People/Genesis/Hair/3D Universe/Rex
FOR THE TEXTURES------Daz Studio Content/People/Genesis/Characters/3D Universe/Rex

The importer seems to be working great. All the original content from the essentials works, but not the "old Man Rex" Stuff I bought. I can go through the computer folders and see where they installed. I just cant get Poser to see them or use them.

Please help...I am losing hair by the minute over this!

here is what i am trying to use

Joe C.

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    Was there a Poser Companion File installer? If so you need to run it - you have only the files plaed for DAZ Studio. if not you need to either create your own companion files, if you can run DS itself, or if the files are already in .duf format you could create your own companion files or use the free importer script from DimensionTheory to load the files directly isntead of going through the library.

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    I dont use daz studio so what would be the easiest way to create companion files? They are already a .duf file for them

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    I cant find that importer anywhere. the files are already .duf I just need to import them to poser? I am a little confused by this. How can I make a companion file for his beard and skin textures? also, could I do this with any daz only product and import into poser using dson importer?

    Joe C.

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