Can anyone help with animating a Genesis aniblock walk cycle?

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Someone please help me out before I give up on this program.

Daz 4.5 - Genesis - AniBlocks - walk cycle

What is up with the shoulders!?!

I've already spent 2 days fixing the feet problem with the Genesis-Offset aniblock.

Now I just need to fix this shoulder nonsense.

All I need to do is a simple walk cycle, then I am going to render out my character against an alpha channel for compositing in After Effects.
The Aniblocks look perfect for this, and I'm about to pull the trigger and buy the aniblock monster pack, but if I'm holding off until I am sure that I can make this work right.


Thanks in advance


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    Wow, seriously? No one has any advice or work around for this?

    Well, after posting my original question last nite, I downloaded some Poser walk cycles off of shareCG.

    There are no shoulder problems with those walk cycles, but the genesis-offset aniblock doesn't work on them, so the feet are all out of whack.

    I'm starting to think I will have to animate my own walk cycles. If that's the case, it seems to negate the convenience of using Daz.

    So in a nutshell -

    Aniblock Walk Cycles- shoulder/upperbody out of whack.

    Poser Walk Cycles - Feet out of whack.

    Does anyone know of any scripts or workarounds to fix any of this?

    Preferably the Aniblocks so I can purchase more from the Daz Store.


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    AniBlocks - walk cycle - work fine for me

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    What character are you using? This only happens when I use genesis.

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    dinopt said:
    What character are you using? This only happens when I use genesis.

    I use Genesis V4 M4 - some of the toon models don't work .

    Be back with a link to youtube showing a Genesis walking .

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    it seems difficult for new user (me too) adjust v4 walk cycke anilblock for genesis walk.

    of course it may be easy for veteran user who have made many animation already.

    but new Animate 2 user may simply hope "aniblock" which bought fit genesis rig perfeclty, and without problem.

    I applied sub track (tnanks go figure,,) which can ease the foot rotation problem with V4 aniblock.

    but I felt problem . when I wear boots my figure,, and adjust "high heel rotaiton",
    it looks not naturall about toe angle still.

    after all , I made one more aniblock which simply change only toe and foot angle. by key frame edit mode,
    and apply it as sub-track, with other aniblock,,

    but it can only affect same "delta" about every key frame of main track,,,, so I do not know it is best way or not.

    I do not feel many problem about sholder positon,,, but if it is strange,, I may make sub track about sholder rotaiton too.

    if other user know well,, about how to edit each node rotation, and only record the rotation of nodes as anilbloc keframe,,
    then save it as new aniblock which can apply as sub-track with genesis, (not record morph,, only node rotation,,)
    I hope to know the way,,

    I just try and erroer every time,,about ani block,,, but not understand clearly what I change or not and save,,,,, @@;,,

    I watchd again and again same go-figure Video tuttorials,, it is kind and good tutorial,, but
    It seems not so easy for real new comer about animation,, and animate2 ,,
    so I often stop work,,. I hope more simple aniblock which perfectly fit genesis rig,,
    not need manually adjust by user,,,

    and hope,, step by step tutoriall how to make simple, repeatable short anilbock about real movements,,
    (eg how to make aniblock of jump and down ,rotate head ,gun action,, or moonsult action,,)

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    786 x 604 - 88K
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    bigh said:

    The walk cycle in your video looks great.

    Hmmmm, I wonder what I'm doing wrong.

    I will try to post a video or screencap later on today.

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